Final report: Augmenting students’ learning for employability through post-practicum educational processes

Professor Stephen Billett

This report elaborates the processes and outcomes of the Office of Learning and Teaching grant ‘Augmenting Students’ Learning for Employability through Post-Practicum Educational Processes’ (2015–2018). Augmenting students’ learning for employability through post-practicum educational processes v

The overall goal of this project was to identify the kinds of practice that can be adopted within higher education institutions and by busy practitioners to optimise student learning from practicums. The broader aim is to promote student learning associated with employability through post-practicum interventions. Its specific goals are to:

  • identify and appraise the effectiveness of post-practicum interventions promoting outcomes associated with students’ employability, including readiness to practice
  • identify how these interventions are aligned with achieving specific educational goals across a range of occupational sectors
  • generate and test principles and practices supporting the effective enactment of these interventions across a range of disciplines and occupations
  • initiate and support a systematic process of trialling, evaluation and adoption of these processes across Australian universities.

Click here to download the Final Report: Augmenting Post Practicum Experiences.

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Stephen Billett
About Professor Stephen Billet

Dr Stephen Billett is Professor of Adult and Vocational Education in the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia and a National Teaching Fellow and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. After a career in garment manufacturing, he has worked as a vocational educator, educational administrator, teacher educator, professional development practitioner and policy developer in the Australian vocational education system and as a teacher and researcher at Griffith University.

Since 1992, he has researched learning through and for work and has published widely in fields of learning of occupations, workplace learning, work and conceptual accounts of learning for vocational purposes. He is a Fulbright Scholar (1999), National Teaching Fellow (2008-2010), and Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (2011-15). In 2013, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Jyvasksla University (Finland) and another by the University of Geneva in October 2020, elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia in 2015, Honorary lifetime membership of the Australian Co-operative Education Network, 2018, and appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University in 2019 and holds adjunct appointments at the University of Stavanger (Norway) and University West (Sweden). He currently leads research projects in Australia, Singapore and Norway funded by national granting bodies, governments and global agencies.